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This section is aimed at professionals in the film and television industry: filmmakers, French and foreign producers, beneficiaries, rights holders, investors, and cinema enthusiasts.
Do you want to release your movie in French theaters?
2iFILMS has an adapted cinema solution for producers wishing to reach the French public.

2iFILMS supports film production by becoming an active player in film distribution in France. We equally wish to propose international productions to a diversity-seeking public in cinematographic works, sensitive to the discovery of other cultures.


As you know, less than 10% of film production is in movie theaters. Most undistributed films do not exist for the general public, so they are invisible and are unfortunately forgotten. Many films do not find "takers", meaning no "distributors", and this for many reasons: legal complications, high guaranteed minimum, high editing costs, Virtual Print Fee (VPF) costs for theaters, need for film dubbing, significant marketing investment, financial risks, non-popular themes, politically incorrect films,high-competition in the theaters, low number of copies, the film's nationality (geopolitical reasons), editorial lines that aren't adapted to the distributor, difficult adaptation because of the film's cultural values, reduced revenues due to wrong calculations...


Some productions deserve an audience, no matter how small, as long as the theme approached by the film is of real cultural interest. It is surprising that several good-quality films and documentaries from several major countries and continents (North America, Latin America, Asia, China, Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa) remain inaccessible to the French-speaking public.








CINEMA ACCESS | 2ifilms distribution


of the film's potential on the french market

Detailed quote of P&A

Contract for a minimum duration of 10 months

Dates and programming 

Marketing plan


to quotation cost

Report on number of tickets sold 

1. Evaluation of the film's potential on the market: strategic recommendation for the producer
Detailed quote of prints & advertising (P&A) costs: standard sector fees (no service commission)
Contract for a minimum duration of 10 months: mandatory respect of the chronology of the media
Release plan (dates and programming): the distributor places the film in movie theaters
Marketing plan: promotion, press relations, trailers, posters, flyers, social networks
Report on the number of tickets sold and film revenue feedback: weekly report


- No worrying about the legal aspect nor the legal authorizations of the film
- Film copies, release plan and communication will be fully managed


CINEMA ACCESS | 2ifilms distribution

2iFILMS is an actor in many French-speaking territories through its film distribution network. It should be noted that France is the leading European film market and the fourth largest country in the world with the most movie theaters (behind the United States, China, and India).


With 2iFILMS, a film distributed in French theaters will benefit from international recognition in one of the world's largest markets. A film classified as a "Theater Film" will bring additional commercial value at the time of the exploitation of the rights for the television (free/paid) and the broadcasting on various video streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, VUDU, Orange, OCS, Canal Play, etc...).

2iFILMS offers to support producers in the French film market with its "TURNKEY SOLUTION". This solution is simple: allow producers to release their films in French theaters with a budget set at 5, 10, 20, 50, 80, or 100 copies ... It is the producer who decides how much to invest, and will receive 100% of the film's revenue.

Example of the release of a fictional film whose commercial potential is limited in the French film market due to its nationality:


• Evaluation of the film's potential on the market > 30-copy objective in theaters
• Global prints & advertising (P&A) costs calculations > detailed quote
• 7-week release > 16-week continuation possibility
Marketing and digital communication targeted at movie theaters and social media
Target: 25 to 35,000 tickets sold

2iFILMS provides its legal, accounting, technical, and commercial expertise in film distribution in France. In return, producer must cover all the prints & advertising (P&A) costs for the distributed film (tasks list to be specified within the framework of a quote annexed to the specific contract for each film). This will involve establishing a standard distribution agreement between rights holders and 2iFILMS.


2iFILMS masters the economic and legal organization of film distribution in theaters. 

Legal Organization

   • Film exploitation license, exploitation visa with the CNC, mandate, contract

Technical and Post-Production workflow

   • Dubbing, voice-overs, subtitling, DCP creation, trailers


Physical and Digital Broadcasting

   • DCP traffic on digital servers and physical media (hard disk)

   • Posters, flyers, cards, invitations


Commercial Organization

  • Programmer(s) responsible for placing the film in theaters

  • Management of Virtual Print Fees (VPF) and the number of copies


Marketing, Promotion, and Press Relations

  • Screening organization for specialized film press

  • Press agent, internet community manager

  • Advertisements (physical and digital media)


Reports and Bookkeeping

  • Number of movie theaters, number of copies, number of tickets sold: weekly reports

  • Revenue slips, payments to producers and rights holders


This intervention list is not exhaustive, 2iFILMS can also help with various festivals as well as other fields related to cinema.

Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or via our form for any additional information request.

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